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In spring, visit our beach club near Palma

Spring is the best season for exploring Mallorca's wonderful hidden corners, appreciating the countryside, and enjoying the pleasant climate and the gradually lengthening days. Spring is the time of the year when the island comes to rest before the busy and crowded summer months begin.

When the meadows are in bloom and the sea is calm, Mallorca begins to wake up, and many shops, hotels, and restaurants open their doors. Visitors to the island appreciate the mild weather and long hours of sunshine. The most daring even get up from their sun loungers, cross the beach and take the first dip of the season in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

A trip to Mallorca in the spring is a cheerful, entertaining, and colourful adventure. Balneario Illetas recommends the following activities to help you enjoy your stay on the island as if you were a native.

Our suggestions to help you make the most of your spring trip to Mallorca 

With the arrival of the good weather, nature begins to flourish, and Mallorca bids farewell to the cold and rain of winter. But it's not just nature that comes back into its own: the in-between season also allows for the best of the island's lifestyle, with locals and visitors taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures to enjoy outdoor events and activities.

Are you planning a trip to the capital of the Balearic archipelago during the spring? If so, you'll be pleased to know that during this time of year, you can participate in the most popular activities among Mallorcans. Here are some suggestions to help you squeeze the most out of your spring trip to Mallorca.

Take it easy
Relax and settle into the tranquil pace of Mediterranean life. In spring, in Mallorca, there aren't as many visitors as in summer, while most restaurants and cafés are open and already fully staffed in anticipation of the high season. So getting a table for lunch and dinner or a spot on the beach for the day is easy.
Relax and settle into the tranquil pace of Mediterranean life
Engage in outdoor activities
Touring the Mallorcan countryside, jogging along the coast, or hiking in the Tramuntana mountains are three excellent choices. In addition, all picnic areas are open at this time of year, and grilling is allowed, which adds to the enjoyment of these outdoor activities.

You may also visit the beaches surrounding Palma to get a tan, take a stroll, or merely contemplate the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The waters that wash Illetas will astound you with their infinite variety of blues.

Visit Balneario Illetas for the day
Balneario Illetas is close to Palma and is open all year round. Hence, even before the summer starts, you can spend the day relaxing on one of our sun loungers on the island's most beautiful urban beach. In our club, you may wander down the beach, admire the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, read a book, listen to music, or, if you prefer, to the hypnotic murmur of the waves.

In addition, our menu includes many delicious suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails.

Book a table at Balneario Illetas

Visiting the top beach clubs in Mallorca, like Balneario Illetas, and getting to know other idyllic sites first-hand is a must on your trip to the island. Book your table with us now and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle at its best.
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