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Visit the Balneario Illetas restaurant to taste the most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine

Enjoying a healthy meal is a most rewarding pleasure! Served on a beautiful urban beach near Palma, with unimpeded views of the Mediterranean Sea, the whole experience becomes even more exciting.

Fancy visiting a restaurant where you can enjoy the most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in an incomparable setting? In that case, Balneario Illetas is your pick! In our beach club near Palma, you will find a gastronomic offer inspired by the Mediterranean diet, elaborated with locally sourced, top-quality products. You'll not only eat very healthy and very tasty food, but you'll also have a fantastic time with us!

The Balneario Illetas restaurant 

The Mediterranean diet, praised internationally for its unquestionable advantages to physical and mental health, is a popular way of eating that we are very familiar with at Balneario Illetas. It entails promoting the consumption of high-nutritional-value locally sourced produce, developing healthy eating habits, and integrating them into our social life.

Our exclusive restaurant serves exceptional Mediterranean food, including Spanish and Mallorcan specialities. We cook all of our dishes with market-fresh, top-quality ingredients.
Our exclusive restaurant serves exceptional Mediterranean food, including Spanish and Mallorcan specialities.
To offer our guests an unrivalled gastronomic experience by the sea, we exclusively cook with market-fresh, top-quality produce at the Balneario Illetas restaurant. Thus, our chef creates an original culinary proposal using classic cooking techniques so that the product is always the star of each dish.

Some of our most popular dishes
The menu at Balneario Illetas contains several hugely appreciated lunch and dinner options. Although we cook all our meals with local, market-fresh ingredients and change our menu seasonally, these dishes are always the undisputed favourites.
• Lobster salad: light and refreshing, it includes cooked lobster, a crustacean whose delicious taste entices even the most discerning palates.
• Carpaccio of veal with parmesan and arugula: with its thin slices of veal, parmesan cheese and arugula sprouts, this dish will delight any meat lover.
• Seafood paella: a typical Spanish rice dish made with freshly caught shellfish from the Mediterranean.

Cocktails and wines from our bar
The Mediterranean diet emphasises the value of cultural and social engagement. Therefore, besides being nutritious and healthy, the Mediterranean diet is also a way of life in which sharing quality time with others is crucial.
Sipping a delicious cocktail or a good glass of locally produced wine at sunset in the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of Balneario Illetas is an invitation to engage in warm conversation and spend pleasant moments with friends and family.

Visit the best beach club close to Palma 

Balneario Illetas is an institution among Mallorca's beach clubs! Its privileged location, so close to Palma, on the lovely urban beach of Illetas, allows you to contemplate the immense beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the best of the Mediterranean lifestyle.
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