/// BLOG - 06 02 2023

Balneario Illetas, Palma's most authentic beach club

Summer is a mindset, an attitude, and a way of life. At least for those who know how to recreate this unique sensation throughout the cold months. For example, by visiting their beach club in winter as well! In this way, they reconnect with the delights of summer, since the ultimate raison d'être of any beach club is precisely the enjoyment of a day at the beach.

Beach clubs are seaside venues that provide leisure and dining options. Here you can dine, relax, sunbathe and listen to live music.

When we talk about Mallorca and Balneario Illetas, the experience becomes much more exciting! The Mediterranean's crystal clear turquoise blue waters, long white sandy beaches, and rock formations that give way to lovely coves provide the ideal setting for the island's premier beach club. Come and see us in Illetas, Palma's most beautiful urban beach.

A beach club serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine and unbeatable sea views 

The privileged location of the Balneario Illetas beach club makes it a truly unique and remarkable spot to spend your leisure time. It's the ideal place to reconnect with nature and relax in the company of your loved ones. What's more, it's open all year round!

Beach clubbing in Mallorca means enjoying the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle. The largest island of the Balearic archipelago is home to some of the best beach clubs in the world, including Balneario Illetas.
Beach clubbing in Mallorca means enjoying the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.
The menu at Balneario Illetas conveys the essence of Mediterranean cuisine! We only use top-quality products to create exquisite dishes full of taste and flavour.

Our restaurant's gourmet offerings aim to stimulate your senses.

If you are a brunch lover and are looking for an idyllic place by the sea where you can enjoy the best brunch in Mallorca with plenty of sweet and savoury options, Balneario Illetas is the place for you!

Sun loungers, live music, and exquisite cocktails
At Balneario Illetas, the sun loungers are positioned right on the seashore, allowing you to get in and out and enjoy the blue waters of the Mediterranean in total comfort. In addition to a carefully selected drinks menu of leading brands, Balneario Illetas also offers live music.

Illetas Balneario - just enjoy and relax! 

Contact Balneario Illetas if you want to book a table or a premium sun lounger or if you wish to celebrate a special event at our beach club.