/// BLOG - 24 09 2020

Balneario Illetas’ firm commitment to locally grown food

A food revolution has come to our kitchens. If you have seen how, in recent years, we have never stopped improving the culinary level of our dishes, today we invite you to discover our new and firm commitment to locally grown food.

As we told you in our last post, the whole team at Balneario Illetas has taken on the task of incorporating new and delicious recipes into our menu. But our commitment to improving the quality of the food offered at our beach club does not end there. In fact, it has led us to seek new partnerships with local suppliers whose products, we are sure, will further enhance your culinary experience with us.

In addition, we have decided to optimise the methods of acquisition and storage of our products, in order to reduce the energy costs that the transportation of merchandise implies for the environment. As a novelty for our clients, we would like to inform you that Balneario Illetas has launched an ambitious "continuous improvement" plan, which aims to reduce the impact of our beach club on the environment, as well as to support the local economy.

We join the real food trend with our new eco-friendly urban garden

Do you know where the food you eat comes from? We do! That's why we want to offer you not only a fabulous dining experience by the sea, but also new menu proposals, so that you can continue to take care of your health and nutrition while enjoying your free time with us.

Surely you are aware of the growing trend to create urban gardens, which in recent years has had a very beneficial impact on the look and daily life of our cities. At Balneario Illetas we did not want to miss the opportunity to create our own garden, in a clear commitment to improve the delicious recipes offered by our chef and his team, with seasonal and healthy vegetables that we will plant ourselves!

Our constantly changing menu, this summer for example with the addition of several new fresh recipes, such as tomato and burrata salad, or basil-caper pesto, will soon include the dishes resulting from our new project as well. Letting the product grow to full maturity in our own garden will not only help to improve our menu offerings but also the environment.

New menu proposals for you to continue caring your health and nutrition while enjoying your free time with us

Fresh fish from the fish market and beer directly from the brewery

The charm and beauty of Balneario Illetas is due to the many plants and trees that we have brought to our beach club, as well as its superb location by the sea. Precisely because we are located on the coast, offering our clients a wide variety of dishes based on fresh seafood is essential for us, because it identifies us, and clearly sets us apart from the rest of the leisure and restaurant offer in the area.

This year, we have opted to use Estrella Damm's beer drive tanks in our beach club. In this way, we can optimise the quality of the beer we offer to all our customers, and serve it at the ideal temperature of consumption. This system allows the product, which arrives directly from the brewery, to maintain its optimum temperature and taste, and also helps to reduce journeys and therefore CO2 emissions.

Come and visit us, discover our installations and enjoy the last few days of summer. In Balneario Illetas you will find everything you need to spend a perfect day by the sea. Call 971.401.031 to book your sun lounger, or visit the website of our beach club in Mallorca, where you can also consult our online menu.

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