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Discover Illetas, a must-see seaside resort with lots of charm

Mallorca boasts heavenly beaches lapped by turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs and enchanting places like Illetas, a small luxury resort in the municipality of Calvià.

Small islets (hence the name!), coves and pine groves make Illetas a beautiful spot and a delight for residents and tourists alike, just twelve kilometres from the centre of Palma.

At the same time, Illetas offers visitors a varied tourist and gastronomic offer, among which Balneario Illetas stands out, a beach club with a surface area of more than 6,500 m² which is the perfect place to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and have a cocktail with your toes in the sand.

Illetas, paradise awaits you just ten minutes from Palma

Illetas is just over ten minutes by car from Palma, making it the perfect place to soak up the magic of the island without having to make long journeys. If you are curious about what to see in Illetas during your stay in Mallorca, take note of the following recommendations:

Illetas Beach

The main attraction of this coastal resort in the southwest of the island is undoubtedly its 200-metre long beach, the perfect place for a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean without having to travel too far from the historic centre of Palma.

During the summer days, it can be tricky to find a free spot on the beach of Illetas due to the large number of sunbathers who visit it, but early risers should have no problem enjoying a quiet swim and avoiding the crowds of holidaymakers during the hot season.
"Comtesa Cove, Xinxell Cove and Illetas Tower are the main tourist attractions of this coastal place in the municipality of Calvià"
Comtessa and Xinxell coves

Those looking for a bit of privacy will want to head for one of Illetas' pretty coves. The most popular is Cala Comtessa amidst lush vegetation and a short distance from several islets that can be reached by swimming.

Also worth mentioning is Cala Xinxell which has only a tiny sandy beach but is a fantastic place to release adrenaline and spend some fun time jumping off the rocks into the sea.

Illetas Tower

The Illetas Tower is a piece of military architecture located on an islet belonging to the Ministry of Defence and was built between 1577 and 1597 to protect the area from attack.

In 2019, the Army in the Balearic Islands has carried out restoration work on the Illetas Tower, thanks to funding from Fundatur, to recover this element of Mallorca's historical military heritage.

Balneario Illetas, a haven of peace in the Mediterranean

Illetas is not only an ideal place to swim in crystal-clear waters, soak up the sun in a quiet cove or explore Mallorca's historical heritage. It’s also home to the beach club Balneario Illetas, where guests can enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine while gazing out to the sea.

Booking a table at this oasis of tranquillity also means being able to start the day with a full breakfast, relax in our exclusive sun lounger area, unwind with a soothing massage or have a refreshing cocktail on the shores of the Mediterranean. Our beach club is the ideal place to enjoy all the wonderful things Illetas has to offer!
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