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Outdoor lighting tips

Mallorca's pleasant summer evenings are an invitation to spend time on terraces and in gardens. It is also the right time to implement some clever ideas for lighting an outdoor space.

To add an extra touch to our famous summer nights, at Balneario Illetas, Mallorca's premier beach club overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, we use a variety of landscape lighting techniques to illuminate our outdoor spaces and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Would you like to know how to light your terrace to turn it into a cosy and pleasant space? So, take note of the following suggestions Balneario Illetas offers you in this blog.

How to create atmospheric lighting for terraces and gardens

If you're looking for inspiration on the best way to light your outdoor spaces, take a look at the tips we've put together for you in this blog. And if what you wish is to decorate and brighten up your home's interior, check out the catalogue of Contain, a lighting design studio with a workshop in Mallorca where craft and high-tech meet to give shape to unique pieces.

Want to know more about the latest in outdoor lighting? Read on to find out which lights are ideal for illuminating your terrace or garden.

Garland lights

Come summer, it is not unusual to see string lights and luminous garlands in gardens and terraces, which, in addition to illuminating the outdoor spaces, give them a festive and cheerful air. They can be hung on doors and walls, or in the air between two suspension points.
"Candles, luminous garlands and floating lights to brighten up the warm summer nights"

Candles are perfect for illuminating small spaces while adding an air of romance to warm summer evenings. To bring a fresh, summery touch to your soiree, consider placing several floating candles in a bowl of water in the middle of your dinner table.

If you prefer a more casual style, a lovely option would be a centrepiece made up of a combination of different sized candles and miniature succulents. Balneario Illetas, your beach club in Mallorca, recommends that you choose citronella candles as they work wonders in repelling mosquitoes.

Floating pool lights

Today, a wide range of lightweight, waterproof floating pool lights is widely available on the market. They come in various colours and shapes, although the best option is to go for floating pool lights that are dimmable with remote control and allow for changes in colour and brightness to create different moods.

Get ideas on how to illuminate your yard in style at Balneario Illetas

Garland lights, floating lights and candles are your best allies when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your evenings on the terrace or in the garden. If you're after a little extra inspiration, book a table at Balneario Illetas, pop in and see for yourself how we illuminate our outdoor spaces.

Balneario Illetas, with its superb atmosphere and privileged seafront location, with its delicious dishes prepared with the finest quality products, awaits your visit. Let us brighten up your summer nights!
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