Reasons to enjoy the island during autumn at our beach club in Mallorca

For now, summer and days of sea and sand are put to one side…As autumn arrives there is no nothing better to look forward to the season ahead of us, and we have already started getting excited. Months when you can enjoy the nature of the island and the good weather that reigns during this time of year, in short: recharge your batteries to fully enjoy the plans offered by the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago.

Autumn in Mallorca is like getting a chance to enjoy a second spring, prior to a winter that is usually mild and calm. During this time of year, the island manifests its different expressions beyond the massive tourism of beaches. A spectacular Mallorca, rich in Mediterranean landscapes, both coastal and mountains. An island dotted with small villages surrounded by almond and olive trees, beaches and coves with crystalline waters that surprise tourists and residents of the many municipalities.


Palma de Mallorca and its old town. One of the best preserved in Europe

One of the first surprises that the capital of Mallorca offers: the old town of Palma. Watched over by its impressive and beautiful cathedral. The Cathedral of Mallorca, also known as La Seu, is a great way to start a visit on foot to the old town of the city. Construction on the building began in 1229 and was finished in 1601. Gothic in style, it has a spectacular rose window measuring almost 100 m2, made up of 1200 coloured glass panes.

Along the way you will find various religious buildings and Palmesan stately palaces such as Can Olesa, Can Oms, Can Bordils and Can Ordines d’Almadra as well as many others. Another unmissable attraction is the medieval wall and its impressive views of the seafront promenade in the city.

Another corner to visit in Palma is its port and La Lonja of Mallorca, where you can enjoy unique Mediterranean gastronomy, and the Bellver castle, the only fully round castle in all of Spain which has spectacular views of the city and the bay.

Serra de Tramuntana. Landscapes and towns straight from a movie set, to enjoy yourself in an unforgettable environment

The Serra de Tramuntana is a complete visual spectacle, it is so important that it was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011 in the category of cultural landscapes. A perfect marriage of Mediterranean nature and agricultural land which provides a unique and indescribable experience. Also, each and every one of the towns which surround the Serra de Tramuntana still surprise both locals and visitors. Towns such as Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller and Pollença are a must visit. Many of these towns were refuges or residences to some of the world’s most famous artists.

Valldemossa is one of the most charming towns in Mallorca, a small town surrounded by pine trees, olive trees and almond groves which was a hiding place during the winter of 1838 for Fréderic Chopin and his lover, the writer George Sand, and his children, to try and cure the ill health of the pianist.

The coves and beaches of Mallorca. A place to take a dip during any time of year

Mallorca has a pleasant climate all 365 days a year, meaning that any time of year is perfect for visiting the best coves and beaches in the world, many of which are renowned internationally such as Sa Calobra, located in the Serra de Tramuntana and which can be accessed via a daring road which is almost just as famous as the cove itself.

Another very instagramable beach in Mallorca is the playa del Pi of Sa Posada, known as Playa Formentor or also the Playa de Es Trenc, one of the very few unspoilt beaches left in Mallorca.

Mediterranean gastronomy at your beach club in Mallorca

“Mallorca is a Paradise, if you can resist it” once said Gertrude Stein to Robert Graves, and it is impossible to not fall for its charms, including a very special gastronomy. Origin, identity and history are some of the most characteristic traits that define the cuisine of Mallorca and that you can also find at Balneario Illetas, where in autumn you can feel a more relaxing atmosphere.

Located in the heart of the crystal clear waters of the Illetas beach, which has an ideal temperature during the autumn months, our restaurant transforms the best raw ingredients in to sensational dishes thanks to a complete gastronomic offer with Mediterranean flavour and high quality produce, carefully selected by our kitchen team. The menu of the restaurant in Illetas always aims to achieve simplicity through quality with a careful selection of products which strive to surprise and delight. A must for those looking to excite their palate.

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