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Why is Mallorca the best place in the world to live?

Everyone knows that Mallorca is an island paradise where living is a great blessing. This beautiful corner of the Mediterranean is the best place in the world to live because of its mild winters, constant calm, and diverse cultural offerings.

The island provides an infinite number of reasons to be grateful to live here or to want to stay for an extended period of time. Working from anywhere is becoming more common, making it easier to settle, pursue a career, and build a life in a dream location like Mallorca.

An island to call home

Although tourism remains the island's primary economic activity, the productive sector is becoming more diverse. As a result, Mallorca's identity has evolved from being a mere sun and beach destination to becoming the permanent residence of thousands of people from other countries.

Balneario Illetas informs you about the best aspects of this island, which many expats consider to be their second home.

Although the island has preserved its local character and identity, many foreigners who have settled in its residential areas have brought their customs and ways of life to Mallorcan culture. As a result of Mallorca's growing international community, language diversity and opportunities to interact with people from all over the world have increased.

The most beautiful scenery
The island's exceptional natural environment is arguably the main draw for visitors. Mallorca's natural landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and spans the entire island's geography. The Mediterranean Sea bathes the rugged cliffs of the Tramuntana mountain range and the coastline of picturesque towns and villages.
The island provides an infinite number of reasons to be grateful to live here or to want to stay for an extended period of time.
Healthy living
Being outside and enjoying nature is essential to the Mallorcan way of life. Hiking in the mountains or going for a walk on the beach are two great ways to spend your free time on the island. In addition, hundreds of sports centres dedicated to various sports disciplines encourage an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Traditional Mallorcan gastronomy draws from Mediterranean cuisine and focuses on high-quality, locally produced ingredients. The food is tasty and nutritious and contributes to a healthy diet. In addition, thanks to the island's vibrant lifestyle, numerous first-class restaurants serving exquisite international dishes have opened in recent years.

Balneario Illetas is open all year round

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