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Celebrate your company annual dinner at Balneario Illetas

Christmas Eve is rapidly approaching. As a result, many Mallorcan businesses are already looking for the ideal restaurant to host their traditional Christmas dinner. This event is still the best way to bring the entire staff together and celebrate the start of the festive season.

Finding the appropriate restaurant for a company dinner, on the other hand, is not always an easy task, as it is critical to choose an establishment that combines a varied menu with a well-kept decoration, a family atmosphere, and unbeatable views.

Did you know that Balneario Illetas meets all the requirements for a memorable office annual dinner? Read on to find out what we have to offer at our beach club in Illetas.

Why holding your company annual Christmas party at Balneario Illetas is such a good idea

Holding your company annual lunch or dinner at Balneario Illetas will allow you to celebrate one of the year's most anticipated events in a beach club with a 100 per cent Mediterranean vibe in a dream setting. Here are four more compelling reasons to celebrate your Christmas party with us:
"Balneario Illetas provides group menus that include starters, main course, dessert, and beverages."
A unique location

The sea breeze and the scent of the Mediterranean combine to create a unique setting of 6,500 m2, just ten minutes from Palma: Balneario Illetas. Diners who visit our beach club are typically astonished by the surroundings!

Stepping through the doors of Balneario Illetas means entering a peaceful oasis on the Mediterranean's shores, ideal for holding corporate events as well as many others.

Dishes to suit all tastes

Culinary preferences at business lunches and corporate dinners are usually quite diverse, especially when a large group is present. As a result, at Balneario Illetas, we provide a variety of group menus with dishes to suit all tastes.

Organising events for more than 50 years

For over 50 years, Balneario Illetas has been hosting large-scale events. We have managed from business lunches and corporate dinners to product launches, birthday parties and weddings. All of them have one thing in common: the planning has been in the expert hands of our team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the hospitality industry.

A wide selection of the best cocktails

Nothing better than a good drink with your work colleagues to cap off a fantastic company dinner! The menu at Balneario Illetas features a selection of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy while gazing out over the majestic Mediterranean Sea.

Company annual Christmas parties, breakfasts and brunches on the beachfront

To ensure the success of your annual Christmas party, we have carefully created a range of group menus that will delight the palates of all diners. Let us handle your corporate event, so you can start celebrating! A one-of-a-kind atmosphere, an unrivalled seafront position, and our finest cuisine await you!

However, at Balneario Illetas, we don't just serve dinner! Indeed, our beach club may become your favourite brunch spot on the island! Come try it out while listening to the waves crashing on the shore.
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